Large print

We do prints on large format digital printer Roland SOLJET PROIII XJ-740/CMYKLcLm with print width 1850 mm.
In addition to traditional self-adhesive foil print on a billboard, poster and photo papers, special films, release films, fabric and mesh banners, and many other print materials.
We provide car stickers and whole print of cars using the special alloy foil whether colored or printed film. Of course, in this case, UV lamination, which ensures color stability print up to 7 years.

Printed PVC Banners are supplied incl. hard edges and metal eyelets. Banners larger welded into the required formats.

We carry stickers: signs, billboards, shop windows, warning signs, etc. We can produce your stickers and labels incl. shape cut from the piece series.
Prints of any claims by using various kinds of laminate film lamination.
In addition to the classic films we cut a special sand-blasting the film for glass or stone.
Using special iron-on film and print, we are able to offer customers a printed T-shirts, jerseys, overalls, jackets, hats and other promotional textiles.

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